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Shayne McKinsey, Ph.D., LPC

NJ License #37PC00311200

Shayne McKinsey is a Ph.D. level school psychologist and a Licensed Professional Counselor.  She has worked in several different capacities in both California and New Jersey.  Shayne has worked in both public and private schools, as well as in private practice.  She has also taught undergraduate courses at Monmouth University.  Shayne will provide individual and group therapy for children ages 3-18.  Therapies include, but are not limited to: social skills training, strategies for dealing with anxiety, and the topic of divorce.  Shayne also conducts independent psychoeducational evaluations, including:  psychological, educational and social-emotional components. Shayne earned her B.A.  in psychology from Boston University and her Ph.D. in school psychology from Fordham University.

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Virginie Ligot, Yoga Instructor
Virginie Ligot has taught world languages and yoga at The Rumson Country Day School since 2018. She holds a B.A. in World Languages from the Institut Supérieur de Traducteurs et Interprètes in Brussels. While working as a court translator in Belgium, her birthplace, Virginie became a world traveler and has lived on three different continents. After spending time in India, she trained as a (Hatha) yoga instructor, specializing in mindfulness and emotional learning. This subsequently led her to become a certified Laughter Yoga instructor. She has been offering courses in both Hatha and Laughter Yoga since 2015. Virginie believes that languages and mindfulness are essential tools to enhance communication within ourselves, our community, and beyond.

Group and Individual Sessions Offered:


Social Skills Groups:

This group targets skills that are essential in helping children successfully navigate social situations and to engage with others. These skills include, but are not limited to:  how to be part of a group, building and maintaining friendships, flexible thinking and perspective shifting, growth mindset, interpreting non-verbal cues of others.  


Children will be matched according to their age and cognitive awareness.  The groups are limited to 4 children in order to encourage more engagement with each other, rather than with the facilitator.  Due to the social nature of the group, a commitment of 4 weeks is required.  Groups meet once a week for 45 minutes.  Cost is $60 per session.


Banana Splits:

Help your children heal from the pain of divorce.  “Banana Splits” is a support group and a fun, safe place where your children can learn skills that will help them heal.  These groups blend games, stories, videos and discussion to help kids process the divorce in order that they can move forward.  Groups meet weekly for 45 minute sessions and will be organized according to age.  Cost is $60 per session.


Individual sessions:

Individual therapy is offered on a one-to-one basis.  This type of therapy aims to alleviate distress, improve relationships and communication skills, and to raise a client’s overall functioning.  My therapeutic approach with children utilizes play therapy, bibliotherapy and cognitive-behavioral techniques.  My approach is short-term and goal oriented.  I specialize in helping children deal with generalized anxiety and difficulties in dealing with teen relationships.  Cost is $125 per session.


Psychoeducational evaluations:

Psycho educational evaluations include a number of assessments for the purpose of identifying specific strengths and weaknesses of cognitive functioning, along with a child's learning potential.  These assessments include:  clinical interviews, standardized intelligence testing (IQ), social-emotional rating scales and paper and pencil tasks.  The information obtained from this evaluation can also be used in conjunction with an educational evaluation in order to determine ability-achievement discrepancies and to provide information for diagnostic purposes.  Using this information, I make recommendations regarding school interventions and standardized testing accommodations. Cost for psychological/cognitive and social-emotional evaluation is $750.  Cost for a full psychoeducational evaluation (including achievement testing) is $1500.


Laughter Yoga: Info and registration: Virginie Ligot / 732-330-6185

Laughter Yoga is about gradually bringing laughter back into our lives with simple laughing and breathing exercises. The subconscious mind doesn't know the difference between spontaneous and voluntary laughter. In either case, it responds with a production of endorphins, the hormone of pleasure and stress relief.  Among many other benefits, laughing can give our immune system a boost, ease pain, relax arteries, offer us a better sleep, reduce our overall stress and improve our social interactions. The session ends with a calming relaxation.

Hatha Yoga: Info and registration: Virginie Ligot / 732-330-6185

Hatha Yoga is one of the most ancient forms of yoga. It is has been passed down from teacher to student for millenia and is being proven by science today as highly beneficial to the body, mind and spirit. The five points of yoga are (1) proper exercise (asanas), (2) proper breathing (pranayama), (3) proper relaxation (savasana), (4) proper diet, and (5) positive thinking and meditation (vedanta). In this series of 6 classes, you will learn how to approach the 5 points of yoga and utilize them best in your daily life. Benefits: grounding, stress reduction, emotional and energetical balance, and many more. 


Limited to 8 participants per series.


What to bring: yoga mat and blanket (optional) for final relaxation  


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