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Shanyn Champeau

Founder & Teacher

Welcome to Oakwood Learning Center! I have been a private school science teacher in New York City and Rumson, NJ for over 20 years. I received my Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology from Boston University and my Master of Arts degree in Science Education from NYU. I became a teacher because of my love of science and my love of working with children. This passion has grown with every year I have been teaching. I decided to open a learning center to offer students a more hands-on academic experience, and to create a comfortable, nurturing, and warm place for students to come and learn. I also wanted to spread my love of science to more children in the community. Over my 20 plus years of teaching, I have recognized certain skills in my students that require more attention. The enrichment skills we emphasize each month are carefully designed to give students the tools they need to succeed in school and beyond. I strongly believe that social emotional learning is just as important as academic learning, and both will be a priority in our teaching. I love being a teacher, and I am so excited to work with our new Oakwood learners to help them become more confident and skilled students! 

Joseph Redavid

Teacher & Life Coach


Joseph Redavid has been working with and educating children and teenagers since he was 17. He currently teaches the Elite Karate team in Fair Haven. This team undergoes rigorous training for competition. He applies the lessons of Martial Arts to the academic world. Dedication, tenacity and discipline are the cornerstones of a well rounded student. Joe is a firm believer that hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard enough. He believes you can achieve anything with enough effort! Joe is primarily a full-time private tutor for students of all ages. While specializing in math, Joe helps students with all subjects. He takes on a "life coach role" with his students as he encourages full growth and development that encompasses a variety of areas in addition to academics. 

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